Scott Olson

Inventor, Founder, CEO

For over a decade Scott Olson has developed SkyRide Technology. He has applied his passion for health and fitness to a new machine that makes exercising more exciting than ever. Scott is the inventor behind Rollerblades and his other innovations in fitness and fun include Kong Pong and the Rowbike.

Scott takes the lead for new projects. His vision for human-powered transportation and human and environmental health drives SkyRide, inspiring us all.


Meet Our Innovative Team From Minnesota!

We are excited to go on this journey with you

SkyRide has evolved from a prototype, to ABC's SharkTank bait, and now our first commercial install!

Meet the team, that has been a part of it all. SkyRide Technology 

Michael Guethling - Operations

Working on projects for NASA and the US armed forces, Michael leads our development and operations team.

Jeffrey Borg- Marketing & Sales

30 years of sales and marketing experience with Fortune 500, NASDQ & start ups, Jeff will help your organization find the right product for your project.

Jon R. Sabes - Senior Adviser

Providing 20+ years of experience in the fields of finance, venture capital, and business development.

Jeffrey L. Doppelt - Financial Advisor

Contributes to SkyRide through capitalization and penetration strategy, for the amusement park industry.