Figure 8 Track

SKY RACING – S.R.T. Introduces: The People Powered Racing Experience

Sky Racing offers one-of-a-kind thrills emulating the flying sensation of a roller coaster, but all powered by pedaling or rowing. When you get harnessed into the flying machine, it’s you against the person on the paralleled track or against the clock. As you begin to pedal or row, you begin to build momentum as you literally fly around the track. It’s positively exhilarating!


             trIntegrating Exercise with Excitement

SkyRide was invented and developed by Scott Olson, the inventor of the Rollerblade. Scott excels at making exercise exciting. SkyRide takes excitement to another level, providing guests with an unmatched experience.



They Will Pay to Race

Competition is a huge draw. It motivates people on the spot to show what they’ve got. It’s you against them or you against the clock. Sky Racing commands premium ticket pricing, while providing guests a shared experience, increasing throughput and probability of repeat users.

SkyRide is perfect for:

  • Attraction for any themed event, especially fitness related
  • Addition to any established park or venue as a newly featured pay-per-ride experience
  • Addition to any traveling amusement operation
  • Special events or organized competitive races