The Goal: To create the "future of fitness"

The SkyRide inventor, Scott Olson, has always had a constant desire for finding exciting, innovative ways to stay active and fit. His vision is to differentiate your average commercial fitness machine. Providing a human powered experience, that is exhilarating, fast paced and fun.

Imagine the possibilities, instead of going to jump on a bike for spin class, you climb into a SkyBike or SkyRower and begin your workout, propelling yourself around the tracks attached to the ceiling of the gym. With our multi-lane track you can race and pass other riders while speeding around turns and even following a track outside of the gym, over the parking lot, and back inside.  The excitement, speed, and competition will keep you motivated to go faster for longer and keep you coming back for more!

Complimentary Applications:

University Health and Performance Departments
Rehabilitation Centers
Endurance Training
Sports Facilities