Physically Challenged

Assisted Living:

One of SkyRide’s most rewarding applications is for the adaptive community, elderly and veterans of war. SkyRide Technology allows an exciting, new form of fitness, rehabilitation and competition for people off all ages and abilities. The track system eliminates the need for vision and the ability to steer or balance, which allows for any and all riders to push their limits of fitness and excitemenIMG_7839-2.27.13t.


SkyRide Technology allows:

  • Riders of all capabilities to ride safely on track
  • Side-by-Side Skytrack allows a shared experience for all users
  • SkyRider Racing: Creating a positive, equal playing field for all racers
  • Variety of vehicle options, adapt to any disability


Rehabilitation and Medical Training:

SkyRide can also be modified in several ways to accommodate rehabilitation and physical therapy needs for a wide variety of injuries, disease and conditions. The SkyRide system is extremely safe and adaptable for working with many muscle groups in ways other than just biking and rowing. For more information and examples of what SkyRide and do for rehabilitation contact a member of the SkyRide team and we will be happy to give you more details.

The SkyRide team members are all athletes and competition enthusiasts and through our years of experience, we have seen first-hand the enormous community of extremely competitive special needs athletes and SkyRide is excited to provide an outlet for equal competition between special needs and all athletes. SkyRide is interested in creating partnerships with special needs groups and rehabilitation organizations to build this system and begin to facilitate a new level of competition.