Thrill Rides

SkyRide presents the Electric Powered “SkyChaser!”

The SkyTracks can be installed on a hill or mountain side and provide an adrenaline pumping way to fly down the face of the mountain. Being suspended from the track and using the rotating handlebars to control the bike as it banks around corners gives the rider a breathtaking feeling of flying. Side-by-side tracks can be installed to give riders the ability to race one another on separate tracks that crisscross and weave in and out of each other to give an experience like never before possible. Our patent-pending lane-change system allows riders to change lanes – choose your own adventure! SkyRide is developing several different models for this application, including multiple passenger bikes, open air and enclosed capsules as well as a totally gravity powered option that feature a unique set of foot levers instead of peddles that will give the rider outstanding control of cornering.


Provide the fun and excitement of the new coaster by SKYRIDE TECHNOLOGY

Resorts that adopt this concept will be providing their guests with a memorable experience that they will tell their friends and family about and keep them coming back. They will also reap the benefits of the media and internet coverage that will undoubtedly ensue. Since the release of SkyRide in late 2010, we have been featured by dozens of newspapers, television, magazine, internet, and radio outlets and are constantly having more approach us with interest in doing a story. Groups from around the world have expressed interest in following the success of the world’s first commercial application.