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Click this link; to watch John Heald's SkyRide experience, as he pedals around the Carnival Vista!

Carnival on the right track with SkyRide

"I found SkyRide to be one of the most enjoyable things I’ve done on a cruise ship. Some cruise ship innovations are one-and-done for me, but I could go on the SkyRide repeatedly, and even pick a ship based on having it." 

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"The Carnival Vista’s new open-air cycling experience, SkyRide, is a cruise-industry first. The attraction suspends riders on a track above the sports deck atop the ship... The dual-track pedaling experience gives travelers a new perspective of the ship, and the ocean about 150 feet below."

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Watch ABC"s Shark Tank:  

The experience to learn from the sharks and extend our brand internationally, provided phenomenal exposure for SkyRide Technology. Our system is currently featured on Carnival Cruise Lines newest vessel, the 2016 Carnival Vista.



KARE 11: Rollerblade inventor rolls out SkyRower and SkyBike

 The Minnesota man who invented rollerblades just rolled out a new invention. He let people take a test ride Saturday on the SkyRide. See the video...


CNN: SkyRide lets you travel without gas

The man responsible for Rollerblades is taking his latest invention to the sky. CNN's Brooke Baldwin reports. See the video...



St. Louis Park native Scott Olson might be onto the latest trend in exercise and fitness. Read more and watch the video...

Thirty years ago, Scott Olson saw the future of fitness on wheels. Now, the inventor of the Rollerblade in-line skate sees fitness taking flight. Read more and watch the video...


Scott Olson, the inventor of Rollerblades, is proposing a human-powered transport system for the country's major tourist areas and, perhaps, Abu Dhabi's clean-technology hub Masdar City. Read more...


green-prophet-logo-21Clever Human-Powered Transport Proposed for Low Carbon Masdar City

Scott Olson, the athletic Minnesota inventor of Rollerblades and the Rowbike, has come up with yet another way to move. The company had a presence at the internationally attended World Future Energy Summit in Abu Dhabi, to promote the idea and help ween the UAE off fossil fuels with his SkyRide Technology. Read more...



Rollerblade pioneer Scott Olson reinvents the wheel

Forty miles west of Minneapolis in Waconia, one dirt road leads to another. At the end is a grove of trees and a nearly hidden but imposing metal gate that requires a pass code for entry. The gate yawns dramatically, revealing another dirt road canopied by trees. Read more and watch the video... 

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