Mountain Coaster – SKYCHASER

Differentiate yourself as leaders with our innovative Mountain Coaster

Introducing SKYCHASER


SkyRide introduces a first of it’s kind riding experience to the mountain coaster industry, SKYCHASER.

Unlike anything your guests have experienced before! You have the opportunity to become leaders in a thriving industry. Our side-by-side SkyTrack grants thrill seeking guests the experience of flying down the mountain above any terrain, “like Superman!” The integration of our elevated track and the SKYCHASER'S horizontal design, provide a fresh and unique flying experience, to a mountain coaster industry lacking significant product differentiation.

Now that you know it is here – What is holding you back from flying?

Our SKYCHASER introduces thrill to guests with a single or tandem riding experience, but we see immense value in allowing guests to fly down the terrain in groups. Our 2-Lane SkyTrack allows family and friends to race the mountainside side-by-side!

Differentiating Value: Increase rider throughput, turning the industry maximum 2 guests per ride duration, to the potential of 6-8 guests per ride duration.

Flexibility in Design: Parks are handed the choice to select the SRT vehicles, and tracks designs, that they deem appropriate and valuable. We simply grant you the opportunity to introduce a new avenue for revenue. Our throughput alone creates potential to quadruple your ROI, simultaneously introducing a new thrill to your guests, in a drastically underdeveloped industry.




 SkyChaser: Mountain Coaster

1-2 riders per vehicle

There is no added value in keeping guests seated on a track near the ground. Bring this sensation of flight, back into the SKY! Contort, conform and adapt our elevated track design to your setting. The SKYCHASER will fly and wrap around anything!

Our elevated SkyTrack, simultaneously reduces manufacturing costs while increasing ROI with a dual riding two-lane track, unlike anything currently functioning within the industry.

SkyRide: Mountain Coaster

1-4 riders per vehicle

SkyRide Technology realizes not all guests are prepared for a 'superman-like' flight. Provide your older and thrill adverse demographic a seated SkyRide experience, and increase guest throughput per ride. (compared to industry average mountain coasters)

We simply removed the pedals from our human powered SkyRide. Now allowing your guests to sit comfortably during the duration of the ride, soaring high in the air, or on the mountain side.



The future of Mountain Coasters is HERE!   -   THE SKYCHASER