From the inventor of RollerBlade   The SkyRower 

The SkyRower provides the combination of one of the world’s most efficient exercises, with the thrilling sensation of the SkyRide experience. Your guests, "SkyRiders" can select either of our TWO Vehicle Options:

Backwards-Facing SkyRower: Simulating the rowing experience, allowing competitive rowers year-round training.

Front-Facing SkyRower: The unique design allows guests to view the track ahead, providing the comfort of seeing other riders, while enhancing the visual riding experience!




Exercise the efficiency of Rowing - with the sensation of flight - The SKYROWER

Rowing is considered the single most beneficial form of exercise for the body. With SkyRower you experience all of the strengthening benefits of a rowing workout, while flying around the track at speeds of 25 mpH!.

Your momentum and speed will be directly felt as you increase your effort. The unique perspective of moving swiftly around the track, enhances the riders overall fitness experience. Differentiate your riding experience, with the efficiency for the SkyRower.