Upright SkyBike

Allow SkyRiders the freedom to focus on building speed, endurance, and strength!

The Upright SkyRide is designed for the individuals classified, or striving, to be the cycling enthusiast.  Just like the bicycle you grew up riding down the street, now you can fly freely and move even faster on our unique SkyBike. With the SkyBike suspended from the track above, riders do not have to be concerned with their balance, technique, or riding ability.

Just kick back and enjoy the ride! From young to old, novice, to amateur and experienced racers too, SkyBike is for EVERYONE!  It is a full throttle workout that will take any bike ride or workout to the max! 

Establish the fitness movement with our SkyRide Fitness Center: SkyCenter


SkyCenter would reflect many similarities to your average gym facility, our differentiation would be the integration of 8-10 SkyTrack lanes either inside or outside the facility. Our added value caters to avid riders and spinners, but primarily opens the door to the "gym-beginners". This riding experience is something guests will revel in, introducing a comfortable and safe way for Beginners to bring fun back to fitness.

Join the Movement!!!