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SkyRide sets sail: Carnival vista 2016

SkyRide's 'elevated mono-rail fitness machines' provide guests the exhilaration of flight through any environment. Innovating thrill with the benefit of exercise. As YOU pedal, YOU become become part of the ride. Sit back, cruise, or race on the 2-lane SkyTrack. Crowning the top of the Carnival Vista, the 800 foot SkyTrack allows riders to soar 150 feet above sea level. SkyRide Technology and Carnival Cruise Lines have seamlessly integrated fitness and amusement. Enjoy the views and explore what there is to offer on the ultramodern Vista. Watch our videos, providing a behind the scenes look of our story:


SkyRide Technology was born from innovation, with an intention to bring fun and enjoyment to fitness. The elevated SkyRide experience re-introduces a familiar form of active entertainment. SkyRide effectively presents a first of it's kind "bicycle-ride in the sky". The elevated design allows adaptability, furthering our goals to pioneer fun, interactive fitness.


SkyRide Technology introduces the SkyChaser Alpine Coaster!!! Suspended from the SkyTrack, S.R.T. has a seated tandem coaster and the NEW 'super-man' coaster, appealing to your wide-ranging demographics. Place the SkyTrack on any hill or mountain side, providing an adrenaline pumping way to fly down the face of your mountain. As it banks around corners, rider’s are given the power of a controlled ride, with the thrill of flight!

Fitness Amusement

RollerBlade and SkyRide Technology founder, Scott Olson, has always had a constant desire for finding exciting ways to stay active and fit. His vision, to recreate the perception of commercial fitness machines. Introducing a human-interactive experience, that is exhilarating, fast paced, yet initiated by the rider. Join the movement and SkyRide's growth as leaders in active entertainment.

Eco - Transportation

SkyRide Technology looks to re-invent a common form of transportation, providing an alternative that will revolutionize the way we move. Our developments in combining human-powered with electric hybrid vehicles, provides unique solutions and emerging potential for sustainable transportation, while reinventing eco-tourism.

Physically Challenged

One of SkyRide’s most rewarding applications is for the adaptive community, elderly and veterans of war. SkyRide Technology provides an exciting, new form of fitness and rehabilitation for people off all ages and abilities. The track system eliminates the need for vision and the ability to steer or balance, allowing for any and all riders to push their limits of fitness and excitement.


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Carnival Cruise Line: The Vista

Read & Watch Video: Revealing SkyRide Technology and the implementation on Carnival Cruise Line's NEW Carnival Vista 2016:

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From Rollerblades - to SharkTank - and now introducing Carnival. Learn more about our story, and the mastermind that started it all:

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