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The experience of flight has fascinated human beings from the beginning of time. SkyRide’s elevated mono-rail fitness machines give people the exhilarating experience of flying through any environment while benefiting from exercise. SkyRide’s gravity-driven SkyChaser system offers the thrill of soaring down any incline such as mountains and through forests at high speeds.


Skyride Technology can be applied to a vast array of areas, from ski resorts to fitness and so much more. The applications are essentially limitless and rail systems can be built to suit any topographical arrangement.

Ski Resorts

The SkyChaser tracks can be installed on any hill or mountain side, providing an adrenaline pumping way to fly down the face of the mountain. Suspended from the track above, the rotating handlebars control the SkyChaser’s electric-powered assist. As it banks around corners, rider’s are given the power of control, with the breathtaking sensation of flight.


The SkyRide inventor, Scott Olson, has always had a constant desire for finding exciting, innovative ways to stay active and fit. His vision is to differentiate your average commercial fitness machine. Providing a human powered experience, that is exhilarating, fast paced and fun.


SkyRide Technology has developed a breakthrough new transportation solution that will revolutionize the way people move about our planet and will be a solution to some of society’s most critical issues. This human-powered, elevated, monorail technology is a 100% carbon free and profitable product that has solutions for sustainable transportation, health and wellness, eco-tourism, recreation and rehabilitation for wounded war veterans, the elderly, and people with special needs.

Physically Challanged

One of SkyRide’s most rewarding applications is for the adaptive community, elderly and veterans of war. SkyRide Technology allows an exciting, new form of fitness, rehabilitation and competition for people off all ages and abilities. The track system eliminates the need for vision and the ability to steer or balance, which allows for any and all riders to push their limits of fitness and excitement.


Why is Skyride Technology so awesome?


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